Duende – then I have reached you.

Duende is the word in Spanish that describes the power and charisma of when my soul affects your soul.

I am a contemporary mixed media artist and work with, among other art expressions, acrylic, aquarelle and digital art.

(Spring – Winter / Primavera – Invierno)
Vårvinter is the week when winter is dressing of snow and ice and finally becoming spring. Earth colors, including everything hidden, with snow and melting ice on a top layer. Painted in Sweden 2021


Canvas paintings are often sizes from 150 x 110 cm and minor, they might change in size over the time.

The subjects that often touch my mind are the cosmos, the ocean, human and everyday details and situations.

I live with one foot in Andalucia and one foot in Dalecarlia, the good parts of Spain and Sweden in my point of view.

Hot flamenco, the Mediterranean and the Swedish Dalecarlia culture are mixed in my studios.

In Spain, I have for some twenty years practiced and developed my art form often together with a group of international artists on the Costa del Sol.

Before I had the opportunity to devote myself to my art full time, I worked with various artistic expressions such as photography, sewing, personal styling and home decor.

My interest in the arts started when I, as a 10-year-old got in touch with the Swedish artist Birger Forsberg who had his summer residence next to us. Birger was a teacher of art at University of Art, Konstfack, in Stockholm for about 30 years, he shared his broad knowledge in an inspiring and strong way. That’s where it all started.

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